"What to do for pleasure?"
A little blog dedicated to the wonderful movie Marie Antoinette (2006) by Sofia Coppola.

"It’s heavenly." 

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Marie Antoinette + facial expressions 

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Marie Antoinette Icons  

An anon asked me to make icons a while ago and i’ve finally got to it, so here are some icons. Please like/reblog if you save them. 


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Anonymous asked:
Hello :) Your gifs are awesome! I'm so happy to found your blog! I think I'm your biggest fan ever haha :D And I also wanna ask you if you could make gif set of Marie Antoinette's funny expressions. Thank you

Biggest fan?! Wow haven’t heard that one before haha! Thank you! I’ll see what i can do, i already have a post queued for tomorrow so it’ll be the day after that. I do have some lovely expressions in my reaction gifs already. 

malimarie replied to your post: Requested by malimarie

Thank you so much sweetie. Your set is awesome !!!!! So great ! :-)

Thank you dear! It was a lovely request! 

Requested by malimarie

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princessrococo replied to your photoset “Marie Antoinette + favorite hairstyles”

your stuff is perfect

thank you sweetie!! 

malimarie asked:
Hello ! First at all I love so much your graphics, gifs ! You're very talented and so creative ! ^^ Secondly, I wanted to know if you could to make gifs from the last scene of the movie Marie Antoinette of course. Where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are in the carriage. But only The Louis scenes. ^^ Thank you so much !

Awh thank you so much! Means a lot! Lovely idea, I’m going to post it tomorrow! 

universeunicorn1 replied to your photoset “Marie Antoinette + favorite hairstyles”

Love this!!

Thank youuuuu!

Marie Antoinette + favorite hairstyles

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MA reaction gifs Part 17/∞

Please like/reblog if you save them

"How’d you get so good at this?"

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